About Us

Our company is a Canadian corporation, situated in the bustling heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario. Our expertise lies in delivering prompt and efficient on-premise and remote online support for technology systems. We proudly identify ourselves as Microsoft CSP and boast of our team of certified professionals catering to Azure services.

Professional Consultants

We aim for high client satisfaction through excellent service.

Managed IT Services

Our company specializes in providing secure and cost-effective cloud migration solutions for businesses. We understand the challenges that businesses face, and we aim to provide them with competitive processes that facilitate a seamless transition to the cloud. Our team comprises experts in this field, who are committed to delivering exceptional services, and ensuring that all data is transferred securely. We take pride in our ability to simplify what can be a complicated process for many organizations while ensuring that they realize the maximum benefits of cloud computing. Partnering with us guarantees that your organization will receive world-class service and achieve your cloud migration objectives without any hassle.


Innovating Solutions

Do you provide AVD Cost estimate

Carefully, we study our client's business computing needs. After understanding both short-term and long-term needs, we use the Microsoft Price Calculator combined with our professional, practical user experience. Thenprovide a cost estimate that will deliver optimized value to the client's business.

Do you set up and support system administration activities such as setting user accounts, roles, access, and privileges?

Yes, our professional team typically offloads our client's general tasks in an expert manner in order to reduce your operating costs and improve the quality our clients offer to their client's needs. We assume responsibility for the functionality of the service or equipment, managed under a service level agreement (SLA).

Does your service involve requests made via phone call, email, or text on a 24/7/365 basis?

Yes, rest assured that our team is always ready. We take care of the service desk support roles, including the monitoring and maintenance of computersnetworks, and software. We offload the burden of managing day-to-day IT tasks and allow you to focus on your core competencies, 24/7/365, under SLAs.

When should your client expect on-site vs. remote IT services?

always anticipating the best support for your business needs. If it is determined that a site visit is required, tasks will be completed on-site per the SLAs. Understanding your business needs and laying out technical options to meet the intended business goals