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Cost Effective Thin Client from Only $100
Zero RDP Ultra Thin Client
Zero RDP Ultra Thin Client
Using RDP configuration, the server is remotely managed.

Ultra-Thin Client - Windows VDI Solutions

Ultra-Thin Client is a Windows VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)/RDP-based solution that is designed specifically to help educational, enterprise, and government organizations give every user individual access to a remote desktop as if they were in front of a full physical desktop.

It provides maximum performance compared with other devices within 10Gbps range offering unmatched protection against viruses, malware attacks etc., even when configured for 100% transfer speed over 2 Gbps channel ratio mode.

How It Works Benefit For Projects

RDP provides remote access through a dedicated network channel. An RDP-enabled application or service packages the data to be transmitted, and the Microsoft Communications Service directs the data to an RDP channel. From there, the OS encrypts the RDP data and adds it to a frame so that it can be transmitted.

Project Details

  • Clients: UCCT Toronto NGO
  • Project: Resource Center Establishment
  • Service: RPD - Thin Client Systems
  • Category: Consulting Product
  • Date: 24 October 2022